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Welcome to the HDA April Indoor Marked Yardage Shoot.

The April Indoor Shoot is a 50 target indoor marked yardage shoot located at the Crook County Fair Grounds in Prineville Oregon. Each archer will shoot 30 targets on Saturday and 20 targets on Sunday. 2 arrows will be shot per target. Registration opens at 6:30 AM Saturday and Sunday, there will be a shooters meeting at 8:30 AM, shooting starts at 9:00AM. Pee Wees are welcome to shoot, should be able to shoot up to 35 yards and will be placed in the cub class for scoring. Due to events this year, the money class will not be offered.

The cost of the shoot is:


1 Day $35

2 Day $45                                          


1 Day $55     Family consists of up to 2 parents and children under the age of 18 and living at home

2 Day $65 

Pre-registration has a $5.00 Discount

Pre-registration ends March 29th, 2024. After that you may register at the door for full price.


Family tickets includes 1 family ticket and up to 5 family member tickets. Family member tickets are free for family members only. Family members are a spouse and children 18 and under LIVING AT HOME. In the Pre-Registration section you may request to shoot with other people in the comments section.  We will try our best to accommodate you. Lanes this year will be assigned by event staff.

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